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Would you like to challenge, be challenged and push yourself to the upper limits of your potential? Would you like to begin creating a better life for yourself in all areas? 
Would you like to network and grow with young inspiring professionals that will help keep you accountable towards achieving your goals? 

Would you like to escape the 9-5 to start living life on your own terms?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, then Junto may be a great fit for you!
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To use "peer-to-peer learning" and "peer advisory" that cultivates an entrepreneurial approach to life and connects us with others on this path, allowing us to learn, grow, and impact our communities together - and in doing so change the world.
What is Junto?
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They say you ultimately become the culmination of the five people you spend the most time around, and we realize the importance of this better than anyone else. We've incorporated this critical developmental component as a key part of Junto, a group of professionals striving to become our best selves in all areas of life.

Our community leverages "positive peer pressure" and peer-to-peer mentorship to help support one another every step of the way. With groups that match up all stages of personal and professional development, Junto has something for everyone.

With almost 10 years of experience changing lives, we've seen how powerful Junto can be for men and women in every stage of life as a result of positive peer pressure, mentorship, giving back, and being an active member in a community of high-achievers.

What makes Junto unique is our overarching focus on accountability in all areas of life. With personalized growth plans, daily check-ins to achieve your goals, and a robust digital platform, we're able to leverage our amazing community to mentor and take a stand for each member in achieving their highest potential.

Personal Transformation

Purpose Finding through Regular Meetings

Our regular Juntos are where much of the magic occurs. Every week members have a place where they can connect either in person or virtually  to have open discussions with peers in an authentic environment. Facilitated by a trained moderator and led by its members, meetings are member-driven and span many topics — meaning you take away from them what you invest into them. In this way, meetings often provide us with what is needed when it is needed in unexpected ways.

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Business Mastermind Summits & Events

Along with our bi-weekly meetings, we hold occasional weekend events that allow members to collaborate with others from different Juntos. In addition to this, members gain access to exclusive Business Mastermind Summits where experienced entrepreneurs come with a wide variety of backgrounds to help solve some of your toughest business and personal challenges using their experience.

Additional Junto experiences include personal finance and investment roundtables, yoga, socials gatherings, community service, and even weekend retreats. 

Our Mission
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Origins of Junto

In 1727, Benjamin Franklin called the world's first Junto. 

It was a meeting between Franklin and 12 of his most respected peers who all shared a spirit of inquiry, a desire to improve themselves, their community and to help others. From this club for mutual improvement came groundbreaking concepts such as the first public library, the first post office, volunteer firefighting, the first public hospital, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Junto Global first began in 2010 after a few of us had graduated from college. We realized we lacked a place for us to learn, authentically connect, and continue our development. There was no structure in place to help us unearth our passions and pursue our dreams. Junto began in 1727 as –and still is today– a place to meet with others who share a spirit of inquiry, a desire to improve themselves, the community, and to help others. In this way we all become stakeholders in each other.

What started out as a small group has now become a fast-growing community of peer groups rooted in a common set of values and meeting for a shared purpose: to connect, learn and realize our highest potential.

Frequently Asked Questions
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To use "peer-to-peer learning" and "peer advisory" that cultivates an entreprenurial approach to life and connects us with others on this path, allowing us to learn, grow, and impact our communities together.  
- and in doing so change the world.
Our Mission
No Problem! Simply hop online and join in on the fun! Each Junto meeting has live video streaming through zoom so members are able to communicate back and forth in real time. 
How many members are in each Junto?
We limit our Junto groups to 5-10 members. We like to keep the groups small and intimate so everyone can get as much attention as possible.
How does the placement process work?
After you're accepted into Junto, you'll begin our placement process. The placement process is a mutual vetting process designed to place people into groups that they can learn from and contribute to.
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At Junto, we operate in a culture of accountability that both challenges and pushes each member forward in their journey. We define accountability as the a personal choice to rise above one's circumstances and demonstrate the ownership necessary for achieving desired results—to See It, Own It, Solve It, and Do It.

This definition includes a mindset or attitude of continually asking, "What else can I do to rise above my circumstances and achieve the results I desire?" It requires a level of ownership that includes making, keeping and answering for personal commitments.

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